Biscochitos & Biscochos


Ositos Biscochito Cookies
Biscochitos,  (bees-ko-CHEE-tohs), as they are called in Northern New Mexico, or Biscochos (bees-ko-CHOS),  as called in Southern New Mexico, have a long tradition in New Mexico.  The delicately  blended little cakes made of sugar, anise and cinnamon spices, flour, and other secret ingredients, are shaped into small diamonds and baked until they are a delicious delicate brown. 
Originally introduced to Mexico by Spanish explorers in the 16th Century,  they are known by different names in other countries or other cities in the United States.   
Names associated with biscochitos are names such as Polvorones, biscochos, Christmas cookie or Mexican wedding cookies. In Spain they are called Mantecosos. This anise and cinnamon flavored, shortbread cookie has been enjoyed by residents as well as many visitors to New Mexico.    


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